Despite the fact that the market operates more rental cars, many of us are still afraid to use their services. Key concerns relate primarily to liability in case of accident, collision or any other damage to the rented vehicle. Can you protect yourself from incurring liability in this respect?

Contrary to appearances, there are no top-down legal rules governing liability on the grounds of settlements between the customer car rental, and the same rental and ways of mutual settlements. It is obvious that every car traveling on public roads must have taken out liability insurance that protects the driver against the financial consequences of the damage caused by a vehicle driven by him, but the AC insurance is no longer solely dependent on the will of the owner of the vehicle.


Rental car insurance?

Our rental comes to the issue of car insurance in a very simple and transparent way, without hiding the exact conditions in asterisks or small fonts of general car rental conditions. We offer solutions that have worked for years, and at the same time give our customers the opportunity to personally choose between the cost of a car rental service, and the extent of personal responsibility.

Basic insurance

Rarely is a car rental blames its customers the full cost in case of theft or collision – just as in our rental on the first place we comfort our vehicles and all our cars have bought AC insurance package. In the basic version, but it is the insurance of the own contribution lender, which is about a thousand to four thousand złotych- below such thresholds damage must be paid by lenders. Above, they are disposed of directly from AC insurance.


Larger safety

For an extra charge, all our customers have the possibility of abolishing the “own contribution”. In this case, even the smallest damage will not be charged from credit card, and all the costs will be liquidated directly from the AC policy.


Rented car, a crash on the road?

The failure of any car that is not due to the fault of users, and third parties that prevent onward travel, are eliminated in our insurances company through the assistance package, which is already included in the basic rental price. It is worth noting that in some rentals this involves additional costs!

In summary, our rental provides simple and clear rules on insurance of provided vehicles.