Many people skip hiring cars a wide berth because of the cost of car rentals. Although the cost of borrowing falling steadily and today there is no problem to rent a car in our company lover than a hundred złotych per day, in many cases, you can rent a car even cheaper. What determines the price of rent in our rental and when you get the lowest price?

Rent a car – when you use the most?

There is no doubt that the most common causes of car rentals is the failure of our existing vehicle or necessity receipt of a replacement vehicle in the framework of assistance insurance or OC traffic incident. In such cases, we cannot predict the date of hire. However, if you are planning holiday in a particular place or need a car for a foreign visitor, you might be interested in the subject much earlier – then we can count on attractive discounts and rebates, as well as the fact that we will have the largest selection of available vehicles. When you decide to hire at “last minute”, you may find that the square of our rental will be only one car, which not necessarily will meet your expectations!


Periodic promotions to rent a car?

In our offer there are also regular promotions and discounts, which give the possibility to rent a car at attractive prices. However, they have specific intervals and you have to just “hunt” for them.


How much time we need a rented car?

Long-term lease gives us the opportunity to obtain larger discounts on rental. This follows from the simple assumption that the car then there is no downtime in our parking lot and we do not have to look for the next customer. At the same time long-term lease does not engage our employees in terms of preparation and acceptance of the vehicle, and thus we can offer discounts for long-term rental.

Renting a car can be cheap!

To sum up, the price of car rental affects not only the class of the vehicle and its equipment, but also how early we plan to rent it. It can be assumed that in almost every case, signing up for a few weeks in advance will allow us to reduce the cost of rent up to several tens of percent compared to the same rental car, but without prior reservation. Our rental is always trying to meet the expectations of our customers!