Very often, renting a car, we do not pay attention to the accessories that will be necessary for us to travel. What’s in a situation where we do not have a bicycle carrier, at holiday rental car, and we would like to take two bikes? We are not having GPS navigation; we rely only on paper maps? Finally, what accessories they may be useful traveling by rented car?

Rent a car – mandatory equipment

At the very beginnings it should be made clear and emphasized that cars offered by us are fully equipped with the things that are necessary to navigate the Polish roads – this refers, of course, to a triangle and a fire extinguisher. However, to meet the expectations of our customers, as well as foreign overzealous police, each of our cars has equipment adequate to the legal requirements of specific EU countries – including first-aid kit or a breathalyzer. You should bear in mind that, in accordance with the applicable Convention on Road Traffic, which almost all EU countries are signatories, to move the car on the road in Germany, France and Greece it should be enough to possess required equipment at the place of registration of the vehicle – that is, for a car registered in Poland, only warning triangle and a fire extinguisher. For the convenience of our customers free of charge, we equip all our vehicles, in full equipment, which may be required by local police officers. To show the equipment will be much faster than reliance on certain international conventions.


Other equipment?

Our Car Rental also offers extensive access to the equipment accessory – for us it does not matter whether you need a roof box, bike rack or perhaps seat for your child. For an additional, almost nominal fee, we provide all accessories; if only at an early stage you will consist of instruction to prepare them. Our rental car ensures almost everything!

Everything under control!

To sum up, even if you do not have own GPS navigation or a child seat, then you can hire it, along with the car. You should bear in mind that this is not standard in every car and you should report such demands in advance. If you need even more custom equipment that is not in our offer, please contact us directly. In this way we will be able to meet all your requirements and expectations.