All available in our rental cars are not older than a few years. Despite the almost negligible mileage and regular maintenance of the Authorized Service Stations, it can always happen unexpected failure on the road. What should we do in such a situation? Are we only rely on themselves or apply to us by certain procedures?

Car Rental and its principles?

Already at the beginning it should be emphasized that the approach to the rental car crashes and accidents on the road is different – there is no top-down regulation and almost every rental can freely determine the conditions in this area. Some rentals limit their participation only to give the car in the hands of the customer, and then pick him up in an identical state, shifting the entire responsibility for

the loan period for the client. Our rental comes to the topic of failures and collisions in a different way, bearing in mind above all comfort of using a rental car.


Failure or collision?

Contrary to appearances, we are here to separate the two situations – a failure on the road due to an intrinsic defect of the car and the collision (or traffic accident). The distinction stems from the different effects of this type of road accidents and therefore need to take measures. How exactly it looks in our rental?


Failure by

If our car stalled while driving, will not start, has damaged tire – we are dealing with a typical failure – you should benefit from the telephone number you got from the car rental employee and signing the contract. It is helpline assistance. Depending on the extent of the failure we can expect here not only to repair the car on the road, but also the substitution of another car or even check-in at the nearest hotel for all travelers waiting for repair of their vehicle. If the failure is the fault of the vehicle, not the user, you will not be charged any costs.

Rented car, and a collision on the road?

In the event of a collision or road traffic accident, case is much more serious. At first we should call not only the relevant departments (especially the police – even at the slightest bump and – in order to transcribe the notes for the insurer), but also contact our hotline. It is not only the fulfillment of the obligation assumed at the car rental service in our company, but also giving us the possibility of taking appropriate steps to assist in the framework of assistance and even substitution of another vehicle to continue your journey.