Increasingly, we spend holidays and vacations abroad – it tempts us not only by getting better the position of gold in the currency market, but also usually better weather and the opportunity to learn about the places that we do not have contact every day. But is a trip abroad with our rental car difficult? Is it necessary to meet the formalities? Do I need finally some special documents when crossing the border by car rental?

Deciding to cross the borders of our country by rented car, you are obliged to notice us about it. It is true that restrictions related to the amount of kilometers that can be overcome and the area of use of the vehicle are becoming less common, however, is still based on the general conditions of use of the vehicle, which is signed by you at the time of rental. As a rule, we do not limit the possibility of traveling vehicle within the entire European Union as a safe area for each driver and employee almost uniform traffic rules.


Departure outside the European Union

If you wish to go with our rental car outside the European Union it is necessary to ask for specific permit which is granted after the individual examination question on this issue. At the same time due to the increased risk to the rented vehicle, lenders must pay additional insurance in this respect – the basic vehicle insurance only covers the EU.


Car Rental? Documents please!

Traveling by rental car in the European Union countries we should carry with us all the time not only document proving our entitlement to drive a vehicle of that type, but also all the documents of the vehicle – from proof of registration, by proof of purchase liability insurance, and ending on the contract hire certifying our right to drive a vehicle. It is true that some states require documents translated into their language, it does not apply to EU countries.


Do not worry – the documents are OK!

Renting a car in our rental, you do not have to worry about the vehicle documents – always issue a full set, which will be sufficient at each roadside checks or border. In case of any problems with the documents of the vehicle you can always take advantage of a number of our hotline and clarify any doubts. We are always ready to help our customers who have decided to rent a car just from us!