Although car rental is becoming more frequent – not just because of the holiday trips, easier investigation of insurance reimbursement for replacement vehicles or due to less bureaucracy associated with renting, in many cases we do not reflect on how the car should rent. What should guide the car rental? Is every model working just as well?

The variety of cars – rent a car?

Almost all rentals as ours, offer a cars covering different segments – from small city cars in the style of the Nissan Micra, through the family station wagon, for example. Kia Ceed, to high-end cars – Kia Optima and Skoda Superb. It is true that our rental does not have in its offer motorhomes (campers), it is worth mentioning, however, that more and more often they fall well within the scope of traditional car rental, and not only “specialist” and “holiday” rentals.


Price of rent

Contrary to appearances, any considerations about the rental car should start from the rental price. It is no news that the bigger car, better equipped and more prestigious, it is more expensive to buy. The same is true for the cost of a car rental. In our rental you can rent both previously mentioned Nissan Micra for dozens of gold per day, and Skoda Suberb which is almost two times more expensive.


Rent a car – big or small?

If the car is treated only as a means of transport and do not matter to us the standard and prestige of the vehicle, which we move, it’s much cheaper solution to rent a small car.

In our rental even the smallest cars are available with equipment that guarantees comfortable operation (including electric windows and air conditioning). It should however be noted that in some cases we cannot afford to make concessions, and then it is necessary to hire a specific vehicle. Traveling with family on vacation – wagon or SUV. Delivering the goods in case of company’s delivering car – van. Walking Away on vacation – camper.

In conclusion, deciding to rent a car in our rental is not worth looking at only the aesthetics and the equipment of the vehicle. In most cases, accurate clarification of what we need a rental car to be will allow us to define their requirements and often save money on loan. Why take larger and more expensive car than we will actually need?