In Polish society, all the time there is a perception that rental cars are only suitable for business meetings or are a necessity in the case of replacement cars. Exploding the myth it is worth to point out the advantages of car rental for … moving. Is there an easy solution? Will rentals agree to such use of their vehicles and if there is any real savings in connection with the independent moving?

A car or van?

At the very beginning it should be made clear that a mover does not use „normal” cars, rather vans. This is due not only to the same dimensions of this type of vehicles and the opportunities they offer, but also from the fact that transporting larger items in a car, it is relatively easily to accidentally damage it. Most rental car, including our rental, does not dictate a particular shipment or the use of vehicles, and thus everyone has the opportunity to use it to move their home.

The advantages of self-moving and rental cars?

Renting a van in our rental allow you to be much more independent than using the services of movers. We decide how much time it will take us moving and how much time we need a van. In our rental system is applied daily, ie. The car Circulating for a full 24 hours. Thus, even a slight delay caused by traffic congestion on the route old house – new house will not incur extra costs, as would be the case with the transport company.


Rent commercial vehicle – real savings!

It should be borne in mind that rental van is a real savings to the services moving companies – cost of hiring “delivery car” in our company is around 150-200, -zł per day. How much cost a professional moving? Much more!

To shorten the time needed to move, you should, before the picking up our rental car, carefully plan the entire move – to pack everything into boxes and have at least one person to assist in the transport of heavy things. In this way, the entire move should go quickly and smoothly, and we have one or two days we will be able to take the car to the rental.

In conclusion, our vans can be successfully used to move. We offer cars you can drive using your driving license category “B”, and “C”.