Leaving the subject in a rental car

One of the most common questions we are receiving from our clients is: “What will happen if I leave any object in rented car? Is there a chance to recover it? Does it matter that it will be a memory card with family photos or a cell phone?”

Renting a car and checking the inside

At the very beginning, we have to emphasize that every time we try to thoroughly inspect the car at the moment of returning it to the rental – not only to check the status of visual and performance, but we are also looking through all storages, is there nothing left in them. But what about the things that could have remained in the car in spite of such a control, and which our customers remembered later?

Car Rental – responsibility?

Due to the possibility of leaving a wide variety of objects in rented cars – ranging from small and expensive rings, to even building materials – according to the terms of the vehicle rental agreement signed along with contract, our company is not responsible for any items left behind.

What if something was forgotten in the car?

We have to look back to one of the previous paragraphs of the article, where we mention the exact check of the vehicle at the time of reception from the customer. If a thing is found at this stage, it will be immediately transferred to the user. However, if the item is found later, for example, while preparing the vehicle to pass it the next person, you can expect a call from us. You can collect forgotten items from our rental during standard working hours. In some cases, there is also a possibility to send founded items to the indicated address.

In summary, if we find any object in the car, and we will be able to identify its owner, we will certainly return it to its rightful owner. For obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee that any items left by you in the car will be found – unfortunately, the smaller object is, it is harder to find it. But we care about the satisfaction of each customer not only at the stage of signing the agreement and its implementation, but also during the return of the vehicle.

If only you are sure that something was left in a car you already returned, please give us appropriate information – we will check the vehicle even further!