Lease Terms

1.1. Lessee of the car and the person authorized to drive that car, can be a person who has attained 21 years of age, have a valid ID card (in case of a foreigner, passport) and for at least three years has a valid and binding (recognized) on the territory of the Poland, driving license.

1.2. The requirements for the possession of the relevant documents mentioned in point. 1.5. Obligatorily apply to person who lessees a car throughout the period of the lease. In any case of any failure to requirements referred in this paragraph by Lessee, the Lessor shall be entitled to terminate lease agreement with immediate effect and recover the vehicle. In the case of termination pursuant will charge a Lessor witch charge of a consumer costs including rent, only for the actual duration of the contract.

1.3. The car which is the subject of the Lease, may be in the course of the contract put in permanent or temporary use by person meets the requirements set out in point. 1.5. Regulations hereinafter referred to him as control. Putting into operation the driver of the agreement, does not change the parties.

1.4. The tenancy agreement clearly indicate personal driver who is not a party to the contract understood in accordance with the Regulations, and the tenant will issue a written authorization and permission to drive (driving) the car for this person. The subjects agreed to driving, the Lessee may request the Lessor during the course of the contract.

1.5. The rented car cannot be sublet or given to another person to use than indicated in the authorization to drive referred to in point. 1.8 of the Regulations. Without the prior written consent of the Lessor, the car cannot be also placed by the Tenant to person not mentioned in the lease agreement as a vehicle driver.

1.6. In the event of cancellation by the Tenant authorization for the person authorized to drive the vehicle (the driver), the lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor of this change.

1.7. Tenant shall ensure that the provisions of the Regulations and the lease agreement regarding the obligations of the tenant and the rules of behavior in the event of an accident or breakdown car were known to a person authorized by him to drive the car. The tenant agrees to consult each person driving a vehicle with the obligations related to the operation of the car.

1.8. Depending on the mutual understanding of the parties, the time period which by rent is calculated, starts from the date of a short circuit of the lease or the date of transfer the vehicle, Tenants indicated in the Protocol transmission, attached as Appendix 1 to the Agreement.

1.9. In case if the Lessor after signing the lease contract becomes aware of a possible postponement of the transfer of the vehicle for any reason beyond the control of the Lessor, the Lessee shall notify it immediately and the parties will jointly decide on the date of transfer of the vehicle.

1.10. In case of delay referred to in point. 1.13 The tenant has the full right to immediately withdraw from the contract without any financial consequences. Withdrawal from the contract after submitting a relevant written (including by email) a declaration of intent to be valid.

1.11. Obligations relating to the tenant on the use of the vehicle also apply to the person driving.

1.12. The minimum length of the vehicle rent is 24 hours.

1.13. Daily limit of kilometers is 200 kilometers. Surcharge for the course (zł / km) before tax: 0, 50 PLN / km tax for each exceeded kilometer.