Condition of the vehicle at the time of return to the car rental

The Internet is full of various guides, on how to rent a car, in what condition it should be and what to pay attention upon collection and returning thereon. It is true that everything can be summarized in one sentence, which is based on the principle “we give a car in the same condition in which it was received”, there are few exceptions. What should we pay attention to, taking a rental car and giving it back?

Acceptance protocol

The basis of pass and return of each car, in our rental, is the acceptance protocol, where are clearly described all the requirements for the returning state of the vehicle. At the time of transfer of the vehicle to the customer we clearly emphasize that car must be returned with a full or an empty tank, and who is responsible for the cleanliness of the returned vehicle. It is true that there are different approaches to these issues according to the car rental, however, we are giving our customers choice and appreciate the convenience of delivering a car with a full tank and the option to return the car without gasoline.

Clearly entered!

Accepting a rental car, you should pay special attention to any damage to the supplied vehicle – they should be expressly included in the protocol. Only on this basis we can later prove that the damage was not created during our operation time and we are not responsible for them. It is true that we make sure that all the damage was clearly shown by us to the handover protocol and they are clearly shown to our customers, it is worth to walk around a car by ourselves, and notice all possible damage – we will add it to acceptance protocol if that is a customer’s request.

Condition of the vehicle at the time of returning?

How should a car look like when you return it to our rental? First of all, it should be neat and clean – both inside and outside. It is true that we can take cover the entire cleaning of the car for our client, but it is worth bearing in mind that these are additional costs that can be avoided by simple vacuuming the interior and washing the car.

At the same time, be sure to fuel – we should return it with the same amount of fuel or decide to incur the costs associated with refueling it by our staff. Our rental gives you the opportunity to choose one of those options when you are signing the contract.

Car rent

In conclusion, returning the car to our rental, we are signing a second acceptance protocol and comparing it with the first. If there are any discrepancies in both protocols related to the state of the car and the terms of lending, we will explain them together with the client.