Car rental and replacement tires

It is widely known that tires are one of the most important elements in any car – that’s what decides about our safety on the road. But what if, there is season change during our rental period? What in a situation where any of the tires gets damaged?

Tires are important!

There is no need to remind anyone how important, are the tires and their condition in any car. Good tires, means not only the right amount of tread, but also the age of rubber (rubber with age is becoming harder and has inferior adhesion) and appropriate tires for the weather conditions. While it is possible to use winter tires for the whole year, higher temperatures will faster wear them off and because of that, they may not provide an adequate hold on the sides.

Seasonal tires – car hire

If, during the rental period there is a need to instantly replace tires for winter or summer, mostly in November and March, we are preparing adequate tires and making reservation in a local vulcanization workshop cooperating with our rental. The term of seasonal tire change is agreed with each customer individually.

Car Rental – damaged tires

In the event of an unexpected failure and damage to the tires the whole procedure looks different. Everything depends on the insurance package you purchased. It may involve the need to fully cover a cost of damaged tires or completely disable your responsibility. In both cases, however, it is necessary to contact our rental hotline and establish further procedures – much depends on whether the vehicle is equipped with round-ups, which you can change yourself, or do you have to wait for the arrival of roadside assistance.

Summing up, tires in rented cars should be taken care of. This element is responsible for the entire car contact with the road, and it influence on the behavior of the whole vehicle. Our rental pays the highest attention to the quality of the tires, and proper preparation of our vehicles – but if the is a need to replace a tire at the time of your use of our vehicle, it is necessary to cooperate between two sides, so you can safely use rented vehicle in any circumstances.